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Angry Bird-day! (16 photos)


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(Picture-by-picture commentary, from

Last year, Daniel chose "Angry Birds" as his birthday theme. I had more fun when he chose Spongebob, Playmobil or Lego, but... it's his day after all, so he's in charge :)

I designed a party kit using Photoshop by myself and got some red cups and yellow plates:

I stick moving wiggly googly eyes on the cups :P

I decorated over 50 cookies using royal icing and eventually... they ended up eating all of them! That's what kids like the most in Daniel's birthday parties:

I chose to use pigs for all of the cookies, since they're my favourite part of Angry Birds. They look so silly with their big noses and squint look. We didn't use cookie cutters with these -Julian (my husband, I wouldn't get along without him!) cut them using templates:

I made 5 different patterns:

I also made pig and bird pops. Angry birds connoiseurs will note the bird pop design is a bit of a fake... I made it round (like the red Angry Bird) and then wanted it to have a yellow chocolate coating. Luckily enough, the kids didn't seem to care a lot heheh.

The coating is made of colored white chocolate, while eyes and the such are made of fondant.

This time I didn't make a cake. I really don't get why, but kids seem so unimpressed by cakes! I decided to prepare mini-cupcakes instead. The red coating is lollipop-flavored, yellow was for lemon juice and green for green apple. Yummy!

There were chocolate bars:


And I filled some of these cardboard boxes I made with sweets, for the kids to take home:

We also got pizzas and icecream, loved by every kid! :P

Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the invitations before Daniel took them to school, so I can only show you the printable image:

This printable kit comprises 16 sheets:

You can download it here. And here you will find instructions for its printing, cutting out and assembling.  These should ideally be printed in cardboard (I like glossy cardboard specially) between 200gr and 250gr, except for the chocolate bar tags, which can be printed in paper (again, I prefer glossy). If you have it printed in a printing house or reprography it's very likely that they will have these kinds of cardboard and paper avaliable.

If you are interested in designing and customizing your own party kits, drawing, pattern making, photo editing, etc. consider registering for my online Photoshop course.

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