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Super Caroline Is Turning 4! (35 photos)


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"The Amazing Spiderman-2" may nit have been a bog box office hit, but Caroline's super hero themed 4th birthday was a real showstopper. Going against the "Frozen" trend, the Batman-loving birthday girl went a rther untraditional route for a girl-- including the desire to have blue as the main color. Mom,however, wanted to keep it non-commercial and unisex, so we threw in yellow and purple to make it as gender-neutral as possibe. Everything from the comic-inspired invitations to the personalized capes, Superman font banners to the caped crusader cake pops were custom-created-- and easy for anyone with a computer, a little extra time, and most important for a busy mom-- ENERGY to do. My own son was the "fit model" for the toddler-sized telephone booth, which was the hit of the party. The sweets table backdrop, made from a big-screen tv box, was hand-painted to match the invite. The hero graphics, found on Etsy, were used to create centerpieces, walkway decor, accents on all signage, and the cake topper. Upon arrival, kids were all given personalized capes, though some had already gotten into the spirit and came dressed in costumes. To keep the little heroes busy, they decorated their own masks, leapt tall buildings in a single bound at a DIY photo station and tested their x-ray vision with a touch & feel game. The phone booth even managed to survive 20 sugared up toddlers, a super power in iself.

Santa Monica, CA
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