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Japanese Theme (34 photos)


Dollar Tree Lanterns, DIY scrapbook cherry blossom table runner and Dollar Tree cherry blossom vases. For Japanese theme party.

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My daughter really wanted a Japanese 15th birthday party this year. Items for this theme are very hard to find, sure there's stuff online but I hate buying something I can't see and feel. I also really hate spending money, especially on shipping, so most everything I did was DIY and then had a few splurges with lucky finds that made everything come together. My table setting for 8 cost me about $30 with enough plates, cups and all to feed 20 guests. I found Walmart had 2pk tableclothes on sale for $1.50 so bought plenty of them. I used white on the table and then found pretty cherry blossom scrap book paper at Micheals (used about 5-6 pages for the length of the 6ft table) which I made a table runner out of.

As always my girls know their theme at least 4 months in advance which helps me save a lot and find great deals. I was at Dollar Tree a few months ago and they had cute light up black lanterns. I already had bought the fake cherry blossom branches and round glass vases as well as the hydrated beads from Dollar Tree within the last year. I made 2 cherry blossom vases with the latter and the lanterns in between. Next I made paper cranes with $1 paper I found at Walmart and $1 paper from Joanns. The paper cranes were everywhere from hanging around lanterns to being placed on the table.

I got very lucky with Target's clearance (as I always do) and bought paper lanterns, straws and more. I love these and since I'm always throwing parties (even trying to start up a business for it) I find the $2 for 3 lanterns ea was well worth the money considering they were about $7 ea 3pk. A few smaller lanterns I found in the $1 bin at Micheals. (You get how much I hate spending any real money right? $1 items all around me and still look great)

Next I used some of my extra plastic table clothes on the windows, made my own tissue pompoms from Dollar Trees selection and hung some more paper cranes there too.

With some scrapbook paper, I already owned and got at Hobby Lobby on sale for $2.50 a pk, I made some Kimono girls. I did find some Kimono girls online I loved and copied the dress look but the faces and hair was all done by my hand and a few dresses from scrapbook paper I liked.

Last but not least, I think my most time consuming project, is my paper fan/pinwheel backdrop. I made different sizes out of them and made larger ones using more tissue paper. I glued on a few Kimono grils, a peacock and words like sweet. The two small pink fans I got at Micheals for $1 a 2pk. Just happened by those in my bin of party items.

I also made my own balloon column using the colors in the party, tissue paper and a balloon I found at publix. $1 wood chopsticks in sleeves from Walmart, used washi tape on there tops. I loved Micheals $2 2 sided stand alone frames.

My splurges you ask? $5 peacock napkins (we loved these and in the perfect colors found at Ross's, the very last one), about $10 spent on the blue and pink 20 ct paper plates (this one nearly killed me, but my daughter just had to have those exact colors), the $5 spent on the cherry blossom paper and $3 on the Dollar Tree black lanterns. Everything else I pretty much already had for more than 3 months, so the expense was $0 for them. I would have loved to buy the paper parasols (Hobby Lobby has some and the internet has really pretty ones), fans (which I did have since last year from Dollar Tree but left in my moms closet and forgot them) and 3 $2 double sided frames from Micheals.

Publix did the Cherry blossom cake on blue buttercream. I was a little upset about the icing splitting from the cake but it served it's purpose and was yummy. $23 to feed 20 people, not my favorite deal but I've spent up to $50 on the cake before.

I almost forgot my paper Cherry Blossom branch I put on the wall. Used wood flowers from Dollar Tree that I painted two shades of pink, little glitter balls for some buds and centers of flowers and pink tissue paper buds. Brown scrapbook paper for the branch.

I'm unsure what to call the style...

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