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Tinkerbell Party (16 photos)


DIY streamer wall. Tip go ahead and either use tacks or the new command wall (damage free) stickies. This thing kept falling down on me no matter how much or what type of tape I used. Glad I put it up a week in advance because I would've hated it if it fell on the guests.

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This year my youngest baby wanted a Tinkerbell for her sweet 8th birthday theme. This is really the first girly party (sorry if that's no longer politically correct or offends anyone) she herself has asked for and I was ready to pounce on it and make it big on a budget.

Everyone loved the streamer wall I did. I love finishing things with details. I've seen other cute streamer walls but they look so unfinished to me personally. I'm a little OCD at times so details matter to me more than others sometimes. I added duct tape and masking tape to the top and bottom of them then added ribbon, hearts and butterflys to it. I left some straight and twisted others. I loved it, had to give myself a pat on the back for that one.

My splurge for this party was the Tinkerbell backdrop, about $6, I put over my window and added streamers and DIY flower balloons. (I'm getting pretty good at balloon making these days, I can't beleive what others charge for it and I enjoy it often). Streamers was the next splurge at about $5. The cake was the biggest at $25, I found it at publix and loved the theme that matched the lastest Tinkerbell movie my daughter always watches. (If I had found the cake first I would have went with both the frozan Tink and regular Tink ideas). I found Tinkerbell balloons, yes you guessed it, at my fav place Dollar Tree. About $3 for them. Invites for a $1 at Big Lots, Lime green square plates for $2 at Big lots and Tinkerbell desert plates and napkins on clearance for $1 either Target or Walmart I beleive. The centerpeice I left simple using green moss found at Dollar Tree and the butterflys from there too. Had the little ladybugs and star wands already from past parties.


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