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Girls Spongebob Party Theme (22 photos)


DIY backdrop

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I loved this party. I am a one woman show still and I did ask for help. Unfortanantly 3 1 year olds, one tired mama and no helpers doesn't leave one with much time. I still got it together though and everyone loved it.

This was a party meant for 60 on a budget of $150, as usual many didn't show up. I wish I had known that info before the party. I certainly would have taken some table items back and used it for decor instead. Always consider this type of info especially if your seeking help with a party. Those little details can leave you with a great detailed party or just a lot of left overs. This one had both.

Dollar Tree paper pineapples were perfect for this party. I made the centerpeices, the sequined name on the backdrop, my brother helped draw large characters, I colored and cut from colring pages and put up table clothes and Walmart's $1 Easter green and pink pompoms. (Always shop ahead for items if you can)

For the backdrop I used $1 Walmart teal tablecloth, 2 Dollar Tree nets and my DIY sequined name. The name was the Splurge. It took 3 $2 pks of pink and 1 in blue sequin pks. I got the pink square plates from Big Lots $2 ea and got very lucky finding SpongeBob desert plates at Family Dollar for $1.50 a pk. (Just went in for a Coke and spotted them)  Liked them much better than others at the Party store. I took the time to wrap the forks and they looked very cute.

I also made 2 balloon columns, got lucky again getting 2 discontinued SpongeBob balloons at yes the Dollar Tree.

What would I have added. Streamers, more jellyfish balloons, seaweed streamers and helium balloons.


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