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Let's celebrate under the Sea (46 photos)


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This theme was chosen by the mother since Leo was born. She wanted a lot of sea animals on a clean decoration, so we did it!

The most animals was made by food, like te octopus cupcake, crab coockies, starfish coockies, oyster macaron and fish candy. For the regular ones, we made toppers with the animal shape and with the party identity. As it was a boy party we didn't want to usa a lot of flowers, so we made arrangements using just leafs, like seaweed. And some felt animals, swimming around the seaweed.

The backdrop was made with blue tons of paper. We love the result!

The center pieces was made with real beach sand and shelfs that we took in the summer.

And at the entry of the party we placed some scuba diving equipment (that belongs to the grandpa of the kid) for the humans to breath at the under sea party!


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