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A Visit from the Magic Elf Party (27 photos)


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Party Details by Cristina

When my now 5 years old son was 3, he came home from pre-school  with stories about a Magic Elf appearing at different spots of his classroom during Christmas season.  He was so excited each morning about the expectation of where he would find the little elf.   Ever since, we have adopted the Magic Elf as one of our Christmas family traditions.  When Maureen and Adria from Anders Ruff designed their whimsical, Magic Elf printable collection I immediately felt inspired to design a dessert table honoring the joy that Santa’s little helpers bring each year.

My children got so excited about the Magic Elf Theme that they became an integral part of our Christmas story:
“What if a Magic Elf surprised a little girl when she least expected.”  That is probably a dream that many kids have during this season.

Inspired by the festive colors of the printables we created a backdrop with red, green and blue paper fans. We made lollipop flowers using our Petite Blossom Cups to adorn the beautiful Christmas wreath.   A golden branch tree with dangling elves and crystal clear ornament balls, filled with shortbread cookies at the center of our Petite Blossom Cups, sat on one side of the table.  At the other end, we displayed cupcakes on a zig zag cupcake tower from Amy Atlas’ Book (Sweet Designs:  Bake It, Craft It, Style It).  We had so much fun using the Magic Elf printables throughout the dessert table:  Bunting, Cupcake Toppers, Paper Straw Flags and Gift Tags.  We even placed Elves cut outs from the collection on Dessert Spoons and Petite Cups.
Sweet treats included peppermint shaped white chocolate covered oreos, red velvet cupcakes, white chocolate cups with chocolate frosting mousse, meringue mini cupcakes, fruit cake, cake balls and petit fours.

Styling:  Maggie and Cristina from Via Blossom [ ]
Printables:  Anders Ruff Custom Designs [ ]
Cupcake Wrappers, Petite Cups, Paper Fans, Petite Blossom Cups, Fillable Ornament Balls, Mini Tea Cups, Petite Glasses and Paper Straws:  Via Blossom []
Candy: Candy ASAP and Metro Candy and Nut


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