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Mysterious Soiree Halloween Party (21 photos)


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We created a Halloween Party that could be enjoyed by all guests, ages 0 to 100. While sophisticated and dramatic for the adults, it was intriguing for the little ones.   Our unconventional Halloween color palette was composed of black, pinkish wine, silver and white. This color palette added mystery and drama to the decor. 

Crows were the focal point because of their mystifying demeanor and elegant glossy black feathers.  The crow theme was carried through the whole dessert table:  in the spectacular table runner, in the bunting and in the desserts which were decorated with fondant black birds.  Even the branches at the center of the table had black feathers.  To create a sumptuous atmosphere, two ornamental black chandeliers were hanged.  They were paired with two black candelabras on the table.  The use of lace also contributed to the luscious feel of the party:  the fireplace mantel was covered with black lace, as well as a vase and some candle holders.  White chocolate cake balls adorned our pinkish wine Petite Blossom cups – gorgeous mini dessert flower cups made of fabric.  Petit fours were dressed with black and white damask Petite Cups and vanilla beam cupcakes were embellished with damask Cupcake Wrappers.

Vendor Credits:

Chandeliers, Candelabras, Bunting, Table Runner, Cupcake Wrappers, Petite Cups and Petite Blossom Cups:  Via Blossom [ ]

Crows:  Michael's

Spooky Aspen Branch: Pottery Barn


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