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Flamingo Fiesta Party (49 photos)


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    Lovely table !!! Happy and sweet at the same time ! <3

    • February 17, 2015 at 1:54PM
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You can never go wrong with crafting, cocktails, and a little sparkle …at least in my book! So when I was recently asked to dream up some creative inspiration for a fun Girls Night In featuring Sauza® Sparkling, last month, this tried-and-true combo is exactly where I started. ;)

The weather is warm and summer fun is in the air right now, so I decided to focus on a Flamingo Party theme that’s playful, girlie, and a little bit cheeky! Retro lawn flamingos were given glam makeovers, flamingo-stemmed cups were brushed with glitter, and pale pink feathers were accented with gold and strewn into garlands. I added some bold black & white stripes for contrast, plus some simple white string lights for added twinkle behind the bar. YAY! This theme would translate REALLY WELL to a milestone birthday, flirty bridal shower, or bachelorette party too. Lawn flamingo with a veil, anyone? ;)
PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Painted feather-and-glitter-tape garland + YAY letters dressed up with patterned paper & glitter
– Flamingo party glasses with gold glitter bases & monogram sticker “drink markers”
– Chilled Wild Berry & Original Lime Sparkling Margaritas + colorful Strawberry Cucumber Mint Water
– Painted plastic lawn flamingos decked out with necklaces, flower “barettes”, boas, and tutus
– Playful flamingo themed paper details, {including a free printable 8×10 drink sign & tent cards!}

For a thorough breakdown of this theme and the party details, please visit the Flamingo Girls Night Part 1 and Flamingo Girls Night Part 2 blog post recaps! :)

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