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Theme: Clue Dinner Party

A concept shoot based on the popular Parker Bro’s board game CLUE. An elegant dinner party with dark and mysterious elements waits for our guests. As the night unravels, deception plays a common theme.

Décor & Inspiration

Dark and light elements, vintage décor meets elegant dining. Our main table features six place settings; the center is filled with white beautiful floral arrangements, classic white candle sticks, and individual guests with wax seal stamp cupcakes. White plates were matched with black menu cards, place settings with character names, and simple clear glassware holding chocolate cupcakes. The textures and contrast and having all photos in black and white were part of my vision to show darkness in our theme.

Sweets & Eats

The elegant cake design features black ruffles; a very clean look and masterpiece.
Our side table has a vintage typewriter that shows our clue cards with character and place photos (From original game pack). My favorite element of the shoot was the six classic weapons (knife, rope, gun, lead pipe, wrench and finally the candlestick). 

Costumes & Characters

Our models play victim & murder. It is never clear who should fear for their life. We used stationary to convey an evening of activities and our guests were meant to play their roles; and they did very convincingly! The anger and rage behind the eyes when Miss. Scarlet draws the gun behind the unsuspecting Mr. Green. Our models certainly showed how to get into character.

Kamloops, AK
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