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Pretty Little Party (33 photos)


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Leading up to my daughter Evie's 5th birthday, she had told me that she didn't realy want a party, much to my disappointment. But about a month out from the big day, she burst into our bedroom first thing in the morning and told us 'YES! I do want a party!' Without a second of hesitation I had the party planning in full swing.

When I asked Evie what kind of theme she would like for it, she said 'Mummy, I just want it to be pretty.' So with handmade outfits, simple pretty decorations and lots of yummy sugary treats it was a very pretty party.

I've always loved to sew and wanted to sew the girls all special outfits for the party and then for them to take home and keep. Each little top and skirt was designed and hand stitched with a variety of embellishments to create unique one off little designs.

When deciding on invitations, it all got too much and so I put it in the capable hands of Josie, of I Make Jelly. With a basic overview of the party ideas, she took over the designing and what she came back to me with was beautiful and absolutely perfect for the party.

For a pretty little party, you need pretty little pieces of food. I was straight onto the phone ordering delicious cupcakes and the amazing birthday cake from Cup Cup and Away. I outlined the style of cake I was after and when it was delivered it was beyond amazing. Evie was delighted. Not only did the cakes look absolutely stunning but they also tasted delicious! To add to the mix were brownies and macarons which the girls just loved.

On arrivala the girls all had their hair styled individually, which was a real treat. Then they dressed into their outfits. Before the party could start, they all had a few minutes looking at themselvesand doing twirls in front of the mirror.

During the party the girls playes pass the parcel and had a little disco. There was large balloons that were filled with sequin and sparkles. These were popped over the girls and they tried to catch as many sparkles as they could. They told each other jokes and there was lots of laughs.

When the last guest had left, Evie gave me a huge hug and told me 'I had the best day ever!' It made my day.

Vendor credits:

Outfits and decorations: Always Bespoke Events -

Photography: Brenner Liana -

Invitation and stationary: I Make Jelly -

Birthday Cake and cupcakes: Cup Cup and Away -

Brownies and Macorons: Bridie Claire Sugar Baker - https:/

Hair: Inspiration Hair Design -


Always Bespoke Events
Melbourne, Australia, NY
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