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Mason Jar themed 90th Birthday Celebration (38 photos)


Mason Jar themed 90th birthday celebration

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Not many are blessed enough to see 90 years in this beautiful world... and even fewer do it as good as my Grandma Rose!She lives a life that would tire even the youngest. Church, keeping her own house meticulous, baking and cooking, hosting friends and family, solo travels around the country, shopping (her fashion sense is key!!), driving all around town, keeping up with social media posts... I could go on all day!  What she does and who she is amazes me EVERDAY!  Please share your secrets to eternal youth, ageless beauty, and a young playful heart!!

We decided on a Ball mason jar themed party to celebrate all 90 years of Grandma Rose's life!   If you have ever been lucky enough eat a tasty treat home-made by Rose, you know why this theme fit perfectly for the birthday girl.  Ball mason jars were incorporated into the décor, the wine spritzer bar, the dessert table, the sign-in table, the take-away recipe cards, and the gorgeous cake created by Rose's daughter, my Aunt Judy!  The entire family and over 100 guests had a lovely day celebrating Rose Ann Everson-Wright!  And, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my father (Rose's son) and my mom get into this whole party planning thing

Theme inspiration: Three Little Monkeys Studio -
Cookie inspiration: Cookies with Character -
Sugar cookies: The Baked Equation -
Cake Pops: Mind over Batter -
French macarons: Essence Bakery -
Floral: Lux -
Three tier mason jar cake: Judy Stennes


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