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Pink and Gold Glam Pajama Party (50 photos)


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My daughter Cailey is a girly girl.  She likes purses, nail polish, dancing to her favorite music and wearing anything that sparkles.  Since she was turning seven, we decided on an "almost sleepover" we themed a "Glam Pajama Party" incorporating a glamorous color palette of pink and gold.  The girls were invited to wear their pajamas and not to forget their pillows!

The girls had fun playing telephone, decorating pillow cases and using their microphones to sing their favorite songs.  The "Glam Squad" (which consisted of me and my older daughters) were at the girls' service.  We painted their nails, applied eye shadow, added colorful hair extensions and topped it all off with sassy pink feather boas and strings of faux pearls.  The evening was capped off with a silly string fight in the back yard. 

My favorite details:

I loved all the little touches.  But my favorite detail was the pink and gold sequin fabric banner.  It was the perfect inspiration for our glam pajama party and very pretty as the dessert table back drop.  The "Hello Sweet Beautiful Girl" welcome sign greeted our guests at the door adorned with a pretty pink boa.   Super sparkly gold glitter was added to the foot of each drinking cup, utensils and picture frames for extra pizzazz.  Pink and white lace ribbon was added to the chandelier to accentuate the fancy, glamorous atmosphere that I wanted to create.  Gold spray paint was applied to Cailey's white vanity chair and a pink feather boa backdrop was hung behind the vanity for the glam factor.  The dessert table featured adorably decorated cookies in the shapes of nail polish, perfume bottles and pajamas, cotton candy "pillows", lovely glittered lollipops and a white cake accented with miniature doll pillows and nail polish to mimic the invitation.  In the lounge area, the "princess pavilion" tent was the perfect place for the girls to relax and munch on popcorn. 

The favors included a gold cosmetic bag, a gold and faux diamond compact, lip gloss and nail polish.  Each guest was greeted at the dining table by a clear favor box containing a pink ring that lit up when turned that resulted in lots of oohs and ahhs from the girls. 

My favorite finds for this party were the white and gold sequin "Dream" pillows from Tuesday Morning.  They were on the shelf sideways and I had no idea what I was going to see when I reached for them! To my surprise they were only $9.00 and so it was confirmed the Glam Pajama Party was meant to be!   



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