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Country Music Awards Karaoke Birthday Party (49 photos)


Country music awards karaoke party invitation

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Country Karaoke Party

My twins have officially reached the age of "Mom, can you change the radio station?" Every time we get in the car. And they always ask for one of the country stations. Which started my party planning wheels turning ... all we needed to do was to combine country music with an awards show red carpet, and we had a Country Music Awards 9th birthday theme!

My vision for the party was "country glam" -- gold sequins, the black of a vinyl record album, and the browns of burlap. Anders Ruff perfectly translated my vision, designing the album-inspired invitation and all the other printables.

Walking the Red Carpet
Watching a red carpet show with the girls always cracks me up because with every gown, they turn to me and say, "Do you like that dress?" I know it won't be too many years before they think I have no fashion sense and their question becomes, "Mom, are you really wearing that?"
So, we started the party with a red carpet, complete with a rope line and mom-parazzi. We even asked each guest "who" she was wearing and gave them backstage passes.

The Dressing Room
The guests all went "backstage" to the dressing room, where they could choose cowgirl hats, as well as gold and pearl necklaces. Each station at the party was marked by a gold and chalkboard-style tray. (My Birthday Party Planning eGuide available at has complete instructions for making the trays + free printables for Dressing Room, Craft Services, CMA Awards and Swag Bags.)

Karaoke Time
Our guests formed musical groups and chose songs to perform. Some felt shy, but after a trip to the dessert table, sugar brought out the boldness! I made lyrics books to help the girls choose their song.

Awards Ceremony
After all the performers sang, it was "the moment we've all been waiting for" ... the awards ceremony! We made awards for each guest, which I announced with as much fanfare as possible! (The briefcase is from "the accounting firm that tabulated the results" ... one of those little mom jokes that go over the kids' heads, but which I really enjoy.)

Dessert Table
I dressed the "craft services" dessert tables in white linens with a burlap topper on the center table. The Anders Ruff "happy birthday" banner hung from the center table. On each side table, I added an Anders Ruff sticker to a black tissue fan to mimic the look of a vinyl record. The side tables also featured rag garlands that I made in our party colors. (Find the tutorial in my Birthday Party Planning eGuide.)

Our party was at 2 p.m., so we served a selection of sweet treats, plus birthday cake. I made the cake, trimming the bottom with gold stars from my favorite fondant chick, Edible Details.
Sweets included:
• Microphone cake pops by Sugar-Sugar Cakes
• Peanut butter frosting topped brownie bites (so, so, so good)
• "9" cookies by Guilty Confections
• Boot cookies also by Guilty Confections
• Gumballs, Jelly Bellys, and yogurt covered pretzels.

Photo Booth
The photo booth was one of my favorite elements. I took a clothing rack and suspended sheet music and then added black curtains with gold tiebacks. I painted out an old microphone toy and also had a guitar and antique gold frame for the girls to pose with.

Dining Table
The table combines the rustic and glam elements, with florals in rustic, wood containers sitting on the gold sequin table runners. Each plate sat atop a piece of sheet music and was topped by a microphone and place card. Each mason jar was wrapped in lace burlap and held a gold straw with gold star flag. The mason jar coasters were vinyl 45s from Goodwill!

On the back of each chair, I added a vinyl album with an "MGN Records" sticker -- my girls' initials. The chiavari chairs are from Sweet Seats, serving the Atlanta area.

Swag Bags
Instead of "party favors," we gave our awards show-style "swag bags." Each bag included a CD of the girls' favorite country songs (mom-approved, of course.)

Vendor Credits
Party Styling and Party Plan: Double the Fun Parties,
Photography: Viridian Images Photography,
Printables: Anders Ruff,
Gold Stars on Birthday Cake: Edible Details,
Microphone Cake Pops: Sugar-Sugar Cakes,
Cookies: Guilty Confections,
Gold Sequin Table Runners: Flora Touch,
Gold Chivari Chairs: Sweet Seats,

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