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Splish Splash Birthday Bash Pool Party (49 photos)


Splish Splash Pool Party Birthday Bash
by Anders Ruff

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We had a pool party for my son's 5th birthday.  Instead of going with a theme like "under the sea" or "beach", we decided to stick to a strict color scheme of "water tones" of blue and green with fun patterns like hounds tooth, stripe and check. 


I used lots of pinwheels that were blue and green and chose to use blue/green buckets and clear blue and green baskets made of beach ball material to hold snacks.


We served lunch in bagged lunches (in a lunch pail!) that had a homemade croissant sandwich, fruit cup with his party logo on top, and a bag of chips.  Fresh squeezed lemonade and "Don't drink the pool water" water bottles were the drinks of choice.  


The fun part - we served the lunch bags in a blue(boys) or green (girls)sand pail that had a napkin hanging over the edge (IKEA).  I personalized each pail with the child's name on it.  Then they could take their "lunch pail" anywhere at the pool - the tables we had setup, under an umbrella on a beach chair, or wherever they decided to eat their lunch.


We featured a sweets table with various sweets and treats that were mainly blue and green.  I made sugar cookie pops, cupcakes in ice cream cones, and we also had gummy sharks that were blue, lemonheads that had greens and blues, and old fashioned candy sticks that were blue swirl.  (Cracker Barrel)

We also had organic lollipop (Earth Fare) covers that we designed to cover lollis that stuck out of a blue/green wrapped box. (see photo)


I decorated a fabric covered canvas for the backdrop (seersucker fabric) and made a pennant birthday banner that was greens and blues with modern fun patterns.


Pinwheels adorned the table in large apothecary jars. (Hobby Lobby)


A great DIY project is making tissue poms.  We used these to line the iron fence entrance to the terrace of the pool where our party was held.  Blues and greens were the tissue pom colors.


The tables also had these fun clear-blue containers filled w/ goldfish b/c all of our children's friends love those crackers.  They looked like the fish were in fish bowls.  


Favors were customized sidewalk chalk containers for the toddlers and a box of legos wrapped in "water looking" paper that said "when it gets too hot to play in the sun, go back inside and build your own fun".  My son is obsessed w/legos, so that is how we tied that into the party w/o throwing off the blue/green scheme.

We also had bubbles that had custom labels on them for the prizes for the games we played.


Games played - biggest splash contest, ping pong ball toss (toss into buckets like the old "Bozo" the clown game), and we threw 150 ping pong balls into the pool and several had "5" written on them.  The children who found the 5 balls (they floated), won the prize.


Flickr set link:



Printable Designs by Anders Ruff (

Photography by Adria Ruff Photography

All desserts provided by Maureen Anders

Paper Products - IKEA

Pinwheels - Hobby Lobby

Table Cloths - Garden Ridge

Buckets - Michaels


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