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McCalip Wedding (12 photos)


Pearl accented handle on a pink bridal bouquet.

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Black & Hot Pink- a very popular color combination these days. This bride didn't want what you usually see done with hot pink. She wanted something clean, glam, but nothing that screamed 16 year old birthday party. There is a fine line there and if crossed you can turn an elegant affair such as a wedding into a train wreck.

So if you have a color scheme you just LOVE --- DO IT!! Don't be afraid, just be mindful of how you carry out your decor & flowers.

This wedding brought a touch of class in with pearls (white and hot pink) & hot pink satin material. The texture of the pearls and the smoothness of the satin with it's shimmer brought the sophisication we needed to turn the hot pink into a wedding color for the ages!

This is proof it is all in the presentation of the product! This event was far from looking like a birthday party!



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Iowa Park, Texas
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