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Golf Birthday Par-Tee (23 photos)


Bucket of balls - Donut Holes

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Although there are a few golf themed parties out there, I was really inspired to make my little boy's birthday a fab "par-tee" with lots of candy and lots of fun! Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet little boy!

I designed the invitation using a little golfer graphic from Riefka Desing that I found at MyGrafico. I used felt and a toothpick for the green and flagstick. I also had to put a little airplane carrying a banner just because he is still into airplanes!

The candy buffet turned out exactly as I imagined it! Lots of candy in blue, green and white. For the backdrop I used a synthetic grass rug I found at The Home Depot, hanged it from the tent and covered the top with several tissue paper pom poms I made. The banner finished off the look I was going for.  We had lots of green. white and blue candy for the kids and everything was personalized: water bottles, Hershey's Kisses, candy cups, candy tags, name tags for each kid.

I would say my favorite are the personalized water bottles and Hershey's Kisses.  They were a huge hit among our guests.  Everyone was really impressed.

The centerpieces were lime and silver tin pails filled with real golf balls and tees with a #3 flagstick. The tin pails are from Polka Dot Market.

I designed my own version of the "Keep Calm" posters and framed it to decorate the food table. For food we served "backsWINGS" and "SAMWEDGES" among many other delicious treats from a local caterer.

I'm really proud of how this party turned out!  Specially because it was for my little munchkin.  Happy Birthday Mauricio!

AGUADILLA, Puerto Rico
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