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Tea For Two (10 photos)


The invitation we made to have a gold embossed look to it and made it look doily on the corners.

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We held this Baby Celebration after the mother had already had her baby, so we wanted to make them both the guests of honor by titling this party, "Tea For Two".  Our mother guest, had always wanted a tea party with cakes and cookies and pretty cups, so we did just that.  In the invitation we asked that the guests bring their own tea cup, which turned out to be a wonderful idea.  At one point in the party, we had those who wanted to share, share why their cup was so special to them or if it had a story behind it.  There were some fabulous stories told about their tea cup. 

We also asked ladies to volunteer to bring cookies, so we weren't left with making all the cookies and cakes.  We made the cake and cupcakes and added chocolate clay polka dots, flowers and the tea cup to tie it into the tea set that we bought for on the diaper cake. 

The centerpieces on the tables were fresh picked flowers from our garden in jelly jars.  We also dipped spoons in honey for the ladies to use in their tea.  Those turned out to be a lovely idea that the ladies loved!  And don't forget the bar full of tea!  We had many selections of teas from fruity to herbal. 

And at the end, with so many cookies left over, we had paper plates and baggies for the ladies to go through the cookie table and fill a plate with cookies to take home.  Made a great party favor!


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