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Hawaiian Celebration (10 photos)


We used stamps, scrapbook paper and sand to create this fun island feel invitation.

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This was one of our most colorful Celebrations that everyone walked into and immediately fell in love with.  With a gorgeous fruit display and fun centerpieces, everyone truly felt like they were at a Luau. 

For the fruit display we arranged lots of fruit on a layered table with pineapple palm trees that we made at each end.  Adding in some hibiscus flowers pulled out the Hawaiian feel as well.  All the food we had, we made sure was full of color. 

In the centers of the tables we had fish bowls with gold fish in them.  The fish bowls sat on top of a piece of turquoise fabric with sand surround the bases of the bowl.  On the plates at each place setting, we placed a waffle bowl that we dipped in chocolate and sprinkled coconut on.  Those were then filled with fruit dip and an umbrella to add to the tropical feeling. 

Beach balls hung from the ceiling and in the invitation we suggested Hawaiian attire.  People don't have to go out and buy something because if they don't have a "Hawaiian" shirt, anything that has flowers or is very colorful will work.  The invitations were fun with real sand on them, which gave them the feeling of the beach. 

This was such a fun celebration.  Really, who doesn't like to feel like they are on a tropical island, even if it is just for a couple hours.   


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