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Green Apple (6 photos)


The Green Apple food display. Simple yet classic.

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Christi from CLB CeLeBrations puts on a party to celebrate the end of the school year.  She usually invites just grandparents, but this year invited neighbors and some widowed aunts to be a ministry to them.  There are snacks and then the chidlren share what they have learned about the theme unit they studied for the year.  This year they studied the Fruit of the Spirit from the Bible to help them all understand how we should not only treat one another but everyone around us.  We went with a green apple theme and used greens and browns for the colors.

Green apple cake pops, green fruit with dip, caramel corn in green polka dot cupcake liners, meatballs, cheese and crackers, and green and brown M&Ms highlighted the snack table.  Since most of it were finger foods we made green apple topped kabob sticks to stab meatballs and fruit so we didn't need plasticware. 

The children quoted Scriptures that they have been memorizing that speak of the Fruit of the Spirit sang songs, then did a skit we made that went along with a book that we all love, including a song we wrote that goes with the book.  It was truly a fun and enjoyable time for eveyrone.  The children also passed out party favors and thanked their guests for coming.  The party favors were brown paper lunch bags with a small loaf of pumpkin bread and a jar of apple butter.  Each bag was clipped with a wooden clothes pin that had a ceramic green apple on it that the children hand painted. 


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