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Milk and Cookies (21 photos)


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This pink party was so adorable once we got it all put together!  With all the little frills and fluff that girls like, I guess big girls like it too, we turned some milk and cookies into a popular treat for a birthday party. 

We used small glass jelly jars for the milk and Casie bought two jugs to hold the milk, both white and chocolate.  The chocolate went super fast, so if you have one of these parties, have more chocolate than white.  : )  Each jelly jar had a ribbon around it and a pink straw out the top all set for little guests. 

The cookies table was full and brimming!  We made and bought cookies and even had a selection that were gluten free.  We made pom poms to hang and tiny ones to put in frappachino bottles that sat on the mantle.  Those turned out to be a really cute addition to the decorations. 

As a party favor, all the children got to decorate cookies with an assortment of frosting, sprinkles, etc and then took the ones they didn't eat home with them. 

This was a really fun party for the children and adults too.  Somehow, milk and cookies bring out the kid in everybody and even the big boys can be a kid again, even if it's just for a moment. : )


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