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Olivia the Pig 4th Birthday Party (8 photos)


Little preview of the red velvet cupcakes (before they had their fondant toppers) and some pink, strawberry yogurt covered raisins for the threat display.

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For my daughter's 4th birthday I just couldn't stand the thought of planning yet another princess party so I got creative. We looked through her massive collection of books for a theme idea and one sassy little girl stood out from the rest, Olivia! She's a smart, creative and adventurous little pig who dreams of being an opera singer, or a doctor, or an astronaut, or...whatever else seems exciting that day! She has a tirelessly fun spirit about her that reminds me so much of my little girl that I jumped at the idea and ran with the signature red and white color scheme used by author Ian Falconer in the original Olivia books. By adding a dash of pink to suit my daughter's personality my business partner and I created a fun and adorable party that any four year old girl would be happy to have!

{This party theme is great for a little girl's birthdy party but i could also work for a Valentine's day event.}

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