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Little Man Mustache Bash (21 photos)


Little Man Mustache Mustache Bash

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My son came 2 weeks early and sill weighed in at 10 lbs and he's been off the charts ever since. We've always joked that he was a chest hair away from manhood from day one. We have called him our little man ever since I can remember so a "LIttle Man mustache bash" was an obvious choice for his 2nd birthday theme. When creating the printables for this collection, I wanted background patterns that looked like something you would find on a neck tie. We stuck with blues and greens for decor and plenty of chocolate for the desserts! We served chocolate cake pops and cupcakes, we had a chocolate candy mini buffet and we also offered chocolate syrup at the milk bar. Plenty of opportunities for a chocolate mustache! For party favors, we opted out of adding more sweets and instead ach little party guest got to choose a "tie" t-shirt from the clothesline to wear for photos.

Roseville, California
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