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Parisian Slumber Fete (11 photos)


Slumber Fete!

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What's better than games,food,fun and friends? Well being in your pajamas of course! You're never to old to have a SLUMBER PARTY and what better way to celebrate than PARISIAN style!

We had tons of fun creating this 27th Birthday fete!  We started the night off with introductions and adopted the new names of our favorite hunks! Prizes modeled after the guest of honor were circulated throughout the night... only catch was in order to keep your loot you had to remember the hunky names!

A quick trip to WAL-MART proved extra challenging as the slumber guest were sent on a Parisian themed scavenger hunt around the store! With challenges of rolling back prices to 27 and getting hotties to say Happy Birthday on camera to our guest of honor... there was tons of laughter and many memories made!

Back at the hotel tired guest changed into pj's and filled up on an assortment of delicacies including croissants,cheese,grapes and champagne!What's a party without some sweet treats?An ice cream sundae bar accompanied  a selection of sweet cookies!

There was plenty of activity and opportunities to enjoy a bit of Paris! Stations centered around Parisian fashion and art as well as the staple bowl of questions with a french twist kept the party going!

We had so much fun creating for these ladies and we had to make sure they left with a treat! So each slumber girl left with her own berét sure to be a staple in their upcoming fall wardrobes. The guest of honor decided to model her special turquoise berét and was extremely pleased with the outcome of the event



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