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Alice In Wonderland (23 photos)


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    wow!!! what an amazing party..... Im loving everything especially the tart erasers!! genius you mind telling me where did you find those erasers?? thank you HG

    • December 12, 2011 at 11:00AM
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I am a self professed Alice addict and I LOVE all things Alice in Wonderland and not just the Disney version, the original Lewis Carroll stories as well. When I was asked to design a sweets and treats station for an adorable 4 year old’s birthday, I was excited. When I learned it was Alice themed, I was ecstatic.

Inspired by Alice's ever changing size throughout the story, I decided to make the table look like her dress. I designed a new Custom Table Tutu’s that has a removable pinafore. All of our Table Tutu's are handmade and 100% reusable. It is available for purchase in our etsy shop at

Colorful hanging lanterns created the perfect backdrop and a few oversized chairs rented from Chakoda Designs adorned the ends. Later, the birthday girl sat in the red one and blew out her candles.

I really wanted to create custom teacup cake stands so went on a hunt for the perfect pieces. You can find tons of white cups and plates at thrift stores, dollar stores and Home Goods. Use E-6000 glue to adhere the pieces together. It won’t foam up and after 24 hours, they’re pretty sturdy.

I did try painting them with all the approved and recommended porcelain and china paints but with them already being glazed, it was hard to get rid of the streaky look. I decided to adorn them using various stickers, ribbon and decorative scrapbook pieces. I loved how they turned out! You could use just about anything and make them match any color palette or theme! They quickly became focal points on the table.

The kids filled custom favor boxes with edible and non-edible treats. Of course you have to have “Eat me” cookies but I wanted them to look as similar to the ones that Alice ate as possible. I love how they turned out! We ordered the Mad Hatter Marshmallow pops from The Marshmallow Studio after seeing them at the HWTM launch party and thought they were adorable.  I also had to have hedgehogs so I called upon Vanilla Bake Shop to adorn their mini cupcakes with little critter and design french macarons as “painted red roses”. They did an amazing job on the cake as well! Photo props and tart shaped erasers went home with all the guests.

That’s enough about that…on to the photos!! Here’s our set up of the dessert station photographed by The Pixel Studio.


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