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Lavender, Love and a Blessing From Above (20 photos)


The surrounding of our party was just fantastic.

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Lavender, Love and a Blessing From Above was created for a friend who loves gardens, flowers, and lavender.  We chose the location to be at Lavender Lane in Rome City, IN which turned out to be such a wonderful site.  Perfect for what we were hoping to do with this celebration.  We wanted to make things sparkly as well, adding just a touch of feminine beauty to suit the ladies eyes.  We put rhinestones on labels, water bottles, and hung a chandelier from above the food table. 

We had chicken salad croissants that sat on purple cabbage leaves, chex mix in sliver doiley cones, veggies in cups that sat on a silver painted candle holder that we turned into a lovely stand with crystals hanging from it, berry parfaits with sugar crystals on top, and walnut lavender cake pops that adorned the tables as part of the centerpieces. 

The table decor consisted of the walnut lavender cake pops with pearlescent powder brushed on them inside mason jars filled with lavender colored stones.  Also on the table were hand fans made from purple, sparkly paper with a rhinestone or ribbon on the handle.  These served to be a great idea as it was very hot out and the ladies were very thankful for something to provide some moving air. 

As the area was sort of out in the open on the edge of the lavender field, we wanted to make something be an exact entrance point of the event.  We took old wooden saloon doors and staked them into the ground like a gate.  The we used the silver doiley cones and put lavender inside them and hung one from each door.  We also parked an old wooden garden cart beside one of the doors with dried and fresh flowers in it as party favor and mesh baggies of purple and silver candies. 

To honor the guest of honor, we enjoy washing her feet, sharing words of encouragement with her, and giving her a foot massage as pampering.  The mom-to-be always enjoys it and it's a blessing to serve her in this way. 


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