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Elmo fish bowl/punch bowl and small fish bowls for party favors for guests (give them their own Dorothy goldfish or also available in plastic so fill with the cracker style goldfish!)

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Here are some of the parties we have had the priviledge to have a hand in creating!  Thanks for letting us share.


Kelley and I are a mother daughter team who love to desgn children's party decorations.   What started as just a fun hobby has turned into a small business that we both enjoy.  The best part is the happy faces of the children we have a hand in creating a memorable birthday party for!   Birthday parties are more than just celebrating a child's new year.  They are about bringing people together.  People gather to honor the birthday child and to share their love for that child with each other.  Some of the happiest memories are created at birthday parties for families for many many years to come.   Birthdays are inevitable and they will happen every year so why not make them something memorable and enjoyable for everyone?

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Dandridge, Tennessee
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