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Vintage Teddy Bear & Daisy 1st Birthday Party (40 photos)


Handmade birthday hat for the birthday girl!!!

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    Where did you get the large teddy bear as well as the ones for stuffing?

    • August 28, 2012 at 9:16PM
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    Where did you get the cake topper?

    • June 24, 2014 at 6:33PM
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Meet Ella Grace. We celebrated her 1st birthday back in June and it was lovely. Just lovely. Ella is our bear cub, she is cuddly, soft and playful. I adore her, every single adorable ounce of her. Her dimpled smile can melt all the world's troubles away in an instant. She makes life sweeter. And I could go on and on and on about how wonderful and blessed we are to have her in our lives... instead I will share her day with you all!!

Our inspiration came from this board created by the AMAZING Kathryn of Snippet and Ink. Every time I see one of her boards, I want to bring it to life. You MUST check her gorgeous blog for fresh and fabulous inspiration. Yes, her blog is geared towards weddings, however I found my inspiration for Ella's birthday within one of her heavenly inspiration boards... further proof that inspiration can come from anywhere. It doesn't have to be a cookie cutter event.


And now for the party details... I scoured the internet looking for darling teddy bear themed birthday parties. Sadly, I could not find ONE. Not one single party done stylishly. Thus it was my goal to create a chic teddy bear birthday party with a fresh, vintage flair. Why teddy bears? Because Ella is our little teddy bear, our real life bear cub, so it only seemed fitting that her first birthday be about her. For her older sister Kate's birthday, it was all about pink, glitter and fun girly decor because that is Kate's personality. Ella is an old soul with a fun, playful side and a laid back personality. She can be as mischievous as she is sweet. And she loves teddy bears!


We used teddy bears that Ella, Kate and Charlie already owned. They weren't matchy matchy and it worked better that way adding a little more whimsy to the decor. Each teddy bear was accented with a handmade flower or with a bow in coordinating material and colors. 

We hung white lanterns accented with colorful butterflies from the tree as well as flowing peach ribbon strands. 

We kept the design on the kid's table simple because we used the table to do crafts on afterward. I incorporated the Ella Grace letters in the centerpiece by mounting it on an oasis covered base. Then I added fresh white daisies and queen anne's lace. 


Our main craft/activity was based on the Build a Bear craze. Each child was able to fluff and stuff a teddy bear. Instead of a heart, each child made a birthday wish on a star for Ella, then it was placed inside before we sewed the bear closed. They also filled out a bear "birth certificate". Then each party guest decorated their own little white teddy bear t-shirt. HUGE hit and this also served as their party favor. I am over giving kids bags of candy that they don't even eat or really need for that matter. 


One set of our fences featured Ella's pictures from the day she was born until now. It was a fun way to show guests how much she has grown over the last year. 


I searched every Goodwill and Salvation Army in the surrounding areas for almost a month looking for mismatched vintage plates. And it was worth the trouble because it went perfectly with the decor. 


I wanted to do something different, so in lieu of a candy or dessert bar, we went with a cookie bar. Another huge hit with children and adults alike. Guests were invited to enjoy the cookies at the party or fill a bag with cookies to take home. There was not a single cookie left. True story. We also provided milk shooters, but it was just too warm for the milk to stay out. 




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