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Inspired from a movie my teenage son requested to have a Zombie party. Custom written script involving my son. It was a mystery zombie party. His friends talked about it all year long. Everyone dressed to their character, acted their part and we even had DNA testing. There were cards and customized money to gain.

Players firstly recieved a chance to collect and earn money and spell cards. This was earned with a scavenger hunt and a few puzzles, riddles to find their next money or cards. Money was valuable and so were the cards. The spell cards added funny, interesting twists to the night. If a player held a spell card they could play it on any character chosen. The player reads the card and must act out the command on the card while staying in character. One card for example, the command was to "itch" ask other players to scratch where they could not reach and continue this throughout the evening.  The second set of cards were "weapon" cards or immune cards to be played at the end of the script. After acting out the scripts players voted for:

Who done it

Best Dressed

Best Actor

Winners recived prizes suited for its title: Best dressed recieved a hat customized to event and text.     

Weapon cards were then carried out outdoors where the infected players could infect others or fight them off by playing their weapon cards. If the other player had a greater weapon card the other lost and became empty handed and ran from the infected. If you were tagged infected, you could then infect others.

Amazing actors!

Huntsville, Alabama
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