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Elmo Theme 2nd Birthday (21 photos)


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My youngest daughter has become quite intrigued by Sesame Street, but not as much as Elmo! I decided shortly after her 1st birthday that the theme of her 2nd birthday would somehow include her favorite character.

Her birthday is at the end of August and where we live the weather usually stays pretty warm, I didn't want to have the traditional Sesame Street colors, I wanted something a little more modern. I decided on of course red, along with pink, orange and yellow.

We held the party in the late afternoon so had a sweets table to surround the cake. We did easy food such as fruit, veggies and chips with salsa. The drink table had 2 large clear beverage dispensers and a pitcher, which of course had the colors of the party. Water with yellow lemon slices, pink lemonade and red Sangria!

For activities we had a kiddie pool, Elmo bean bag toss, and lots of toys in the backyard. We also cleared all the shelves in the front room for Sesame Street books and stuffed animals. The kiddie table in the family room was home to Sesame Street puzzles for the kids' enjoyment as well.

Any questions, feel free to contact me!


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