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Goodnight Moon Baby Shower {Part 1} (48 photos)


Tea cup placesetting

  • Stem Parties (Amy Belle Isle):

    This might be my new fave, Jenn. : )

    • September 6, 2011 at 8:40PM
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    • Honestly this one totally seems "you" to me too. And I can't ever look at a yarn ball without thinking of you now! Yes... that's a compliment ;)

      • September 7, 2011 at 6:25AM
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  • image description


    I just love your site and the downloads and all the info are just wonderful! Thanks!

    • September 6, 2011 at 11:05PM
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  • settingthemood:

    This is adorable! I love all the thoughtful details. The trim on the votives...perfect!

    • September 7, 2011 at 7:33AM
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  • Celebrations At Home:

    More yarn! Yay! Love every detail!

    • September 7, 2011 at 11:16AM
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  • Soiree Event Design:

    The bed tables are one of my all-time fav party decor! So clever and creative! So excited to see them again! YEAH!

    • September 7, 2011 at 8:29PM
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Key elements: bunny,  cow/moon, bears, yarn (thanks to the quiet old lady who was whispering 'hush') yarn balls (which were batted around by the kittens), stars & moons

Color palette: vibrant colors inspired by the book: red, green, yellow, navy blue, bright medium blue, black & white

Party Printables: To download the paper elements used here, including the paper moons & stars, ribbon banners, tea cup labels, striped patterns & more, visit this post:



– Each table was first topped with a white linen then draped with a coverlet or sheet + matching pillow sham. (Both the dotted blue coverlet and the striped blue/white sheets sets were purchased on sale at Target for $12 - 20 per set, including the pillow sham. Ikea is another great resource for inexpensive bedding sets.)

– Navy blue and yellow napkins were wrapped vertically around everyday white plates and embellished with a band of contrasting ribbon. The ribbon was looped around the plate/napkin and secured at the ends (under the plate) with a Craft Glue Dot.

– I designed some "Goodnight Tea" and "Goodnight Thirst" labels to embellish the tea cups. (You can download them for free using the link above). Each label was cut out by hand, leaving a little bit of the white paper border all the way around, then attached to the cups using Mini Glue Dots. {P.S. You might notice that I used 2 different styles of cups & saucers. I didn't have 12 of either so each table is a little different - no sense in buying more when you can just mix & match!}

– Silverware was embellished with bright red yard to add another pop of color to the place settings. The ends of the yarn were secured with Mini Glue Dots.

– Wine glasses were dressed up with a decorative paper circle under the base. (I used a 3" craft punch to cut these circles from the 2 striped paper patterns.)

– Embellished votive candles holders pull double duty as both party favors and table decor. I purchased a 16-pack of simple votive holders from Michaels for $7.99 and decorated each one with a wide band of satin ribbon and a thin band of pom pom trim (both also purchased at Michaels).

– The center of the table was embellished with colorful yarn balls, which are basically sytrofoam balls completely covered in yarn. The ends of the yarn were secured with Mini Glue Dots and I attached some of the finished balls to wooden bamboo skewers to play on the idea of a floral centerpiece.

– At the "head" of each table – in front of each pillow – sat a stuffed animal. The mini bunny on the navy blue table was part of the box/book set. I found the bear for $7 at HomeGoods and embellished him with ribbon, yarn balls, and crochet needles to help "theme him up" for the party. =)

– Since the tables weren't leaning against a wall/headboard, I used clear sturdy glasses to help keep the pillows propped up at an angle.

– Wooden folding chairs were decorated with band of satin ribbon and a medium sized yarn ball. The tension between the ribbon and the back of the chair kept the yarn balls in place quite securely!


PARTY DECOR (Hutch & More)

The hutch pictured here is usually utilized for our nicer barware and china on a typical day... but you'd probably never know that in looking at it now, right? =) We took out the glass doors and shelf and covered the back of the hutch (which is mirrored) with solid gift wrap in 3 colors. This instantly gave it a playful, childlike feel.

– I found the big Goodnight Moon Bunny Storytime Pal on He's actually a plush/blanket set, as the "stuffing" in his body is a blanket... makes for a great keepsake gift for mom after the party!

– The bright yellow vase & urn were also HomeGoods finds, and I added a band of the same black/white ribbon from the place settings to each one to help tie everything together.

– Wooden craft letters were embellished with yarn, and yarn balls were scattered throughout.

Pop Up Glue Dots were used to attach crochet needles to square red wall shelves, which were repurposed here to act as party decor. (These came as a set of 3/$15 at Target.) For the largest square shelf, I covered the back with patterned paper to give it the look of a shadow box, then hung a paper moon from the middle with fishing wire and stuck a "jumping" paper cow to the top! (Download them for free using the link at top.)

More Pop Up Glue Dots were used to attach paper stars, moons, and decorative banners all around the hutch. (You can download them for free using the link at top.)

I placed a large "jumping" paper cow over a $3.50 wall clock from Target to play up both the "cow jumping over the moon" idea AND the clock element from the book. The clock was secured to the wall using Pop Up Glue Dots - no hammer required!


That's it for Part 1... stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon!

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