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Music Party - Jammin' with Jack (20 photos)


Snack Table: Includes musical munchies(trail mix), jam 'n triangles, licorice guitar strings, kickin' krispie treats, popcorn, drum sticks (marshmallow/pretzel), and eighth note brownie pops, drum cake and cupcakes

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My son is very interested in music, among a lot of the typical things boys love. We have a drum set at home and he is constantly playing real songs on them so when I gave him three theme options for his birthday it was no surprise he chose the "music party". (Though I was secretly hoping for something a bit more unique.) We're not the "rockstar" type so it was a bit challenging coming up with something edgy & fun without it looking baby-ish or introducing the pointy guitars and such. I think the easiest part was the title of the theme "Jammin' with Jack."

The snack table is always fun for me as I love coming up with clever titles. "Kickin' Krispie Treats", "Musical Munchies" and "Jam 'n Triangles" were a few I like.  I made the eighth note brownie pops, the triangles and the krispie treats along with the cupcakes and cake. The rest of the items were purchased. The kids loved it as well as the adults and I was kind of surprised at how fast the snacks disappeared.

When the guests arrived we made some craft instruments which we used for a couple of games later in the party. There was a story time with action words along with a rhythm repeating game. Before presents time we had our little jam session. Everyone went out to the patio where we'd set up a little stage area with the drum set and pretend microphone. My son had a blast playing drums for the band leader that joined us.

The favors were guitar or drum cookies made by Renee of Bees Knees along with a jar of "JAM". I added a label to the jars that said "Jam On". (For the adults) The guests were also given freedom at the cookie board where I posted my eighth note sugar cookies. The kids also got to take home cookies, craft & toy instruments and a Microphone shaped Drinking cup that I purchased from

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