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Favorite Things Party (6 photos)


Favorite Things Party Goodie Bags

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The concept of this party is like Oprah's Favorite Things but on a MUCH smaller scale.

Each person brings their favorite thing (anything you like.. your favorite lip gloss, favorite kitchen tool, favorite gift wrapping supply, a gift card for your favorite frozen yogurt, etc.). It can't cost more than $6, and each person brings five of the same thing. (You can make it any amount you want, but I thought $6 was an affordable price for everyone). When you arrive at the party, you write your name on five slips of paper and throw them in a big bowl. Your Favorite Thing is to remain a secret from the group. The bowl is passed around, and each person takes five names, making sure you don't pick your own.. or two of the same name.

One at a time each person introduces their favorite thing and then reads the five names they picked from the bowl, passing out their gift to those five guests. After everyone at the party has presented their favorite thing, each person should end up with five gifts to take home.

I also had a drawing for a surprise mini swag bag! Congrats to Janice for winning!

Everyone also brought their "favorite" dish and we chowed down on some great stuff!

I thought about doing this once a year, but with the turnout and reviews from everyone, I'm going to do this twice a year.  ;o)  I've been wanting to try this for the longest time and I'm so happy that I was able to execute it and be so successful!

So get your girls together and host one of these! It's super easy and fun. Trust me, everyone will LOVE this idea!


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