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Love Letters Valentine Playdate (29 photos)


Love Letters Valentine's Day Party

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This is the Valentines Playdate I hosted for my little ones and their friends to exchange valentines!

The whole concept started with the ADORABLE little red tin mailboxes I
found online (now available in the $1 section at Target). In an effort
to figure out how to make “mailbox stands” without too much trouble, I
happened to see these cute candlesticks in assorted sizes and knew
they’d be perfect. Once this theme was decided I received a box of
Twirlie Whilies pinwheels that were too cute to not include! So,
combining these elements, the entire design came together for the
holiday set and the playdate!!

As with most parties, things happen the day of the party that can’t be
helped. For us, I planned a larger children’s table using the
pinwheels and sucker centerpiece that ended up on the food table.
After the rain soaked the large table and chairs, I had to quickly
rework our round table for the four older toddlers as the little ones
don’t sit long anyway. I used a pink runner I had from a previous
party, paper plates in reds and pinks, green “grass”, mini mason jars
for the lemonade, and two of the mailboxes for a centerpiece (as we no
longer had room for the planned centerpiece). I also decided to use
the valentines from my kids as “table decor”. My son gave Twirlie
Whirlies Pinwheels which were on each plate, and my daughter gave a
pink striped bag of heart gummies. The bags and mini mailboxes were
used for the kids to take their treats home in.

We had a table full of food that FULLY intended to hold the chicken
salad sandwiches and other lunch food, but when a friend showed up
with the beautiful sugar cookies she made and decorated herself, I
knew they had to have a place on the table! Once the “centerpieces”
for the kids table merged onto the food table as well, it ended up
mostly sweets….oops. We can assure you, the kids didn’t complain!

I think my favorite part of the party was the Valentine Bingo
Printable Game I made to go with the set! Kids used stickers to put on
their cards and we kept playing until everyone had the chance to shout
BINGO! It was certainly a fun and memorable holiday party for my
little ones and hopefully their friends as well!


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