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Katie's Bridal Shower (39 photos)


Pink rossette damask wrapped cupcakes

  • cupcake24:

    Hi Michele Marie. The bride to be I am giving a shower for is using black damask, cream, and a med color green for her wedding. I was considering using these colors for her shower. I love what you did with the cupcake covers, and rest of the damask things. Can I ask what type of material you used for these? How did you cut out cup cake holders to make them stiff? I would appreciate it if you could help. I am sure you shower was a great success, it looked beautiful! thanks so much. Robin aka cupcake24

    • March 17, 2012 at 10:07PM
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    Hi cupcake24! I'm not Michele Marie, but I do know that you can find those cupcake wrappers/covers on a variety of websites. The one that has the most options that I have seen is, and you can also find them on Hope this helps!

    • May 7, 2012 at 2:39PM
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This was such a fun Bridal Shower to design and decorate! I based the Shower theme on the invitation that the Hostess had provided me along with a damask hat box she had purchased. We decided to use touches of damask popped with shades of pink.

I made alot of the elements of this Shower. The flower arrangements, the handcut cupcake wraps, the cupcake picks, the felt wedding cake, the front door wreath ~made from coffee filters, the monogram K again covered with coffee filters~the table runners, the decorated cupcake tower and my favorite thing of all the Bridal chair cover! It was easy to make and looked gorgeous as the Bride to be opened her gifts!

The favors were cd's~a collection of love songs~ burned to a cd and named Katie's Bridal shower. They were then wrapped in damask and handmade fabric rose pins that I had made were pinned to the front for Guests to wear.

Even the games had touches of our theme! Each pen for writing had a pink rose glued to the top with the base of it wrapped with floral tape. The magazines they were given to write on had even been wrapped in damask paper to match!

The guest snacked on various hors de ouerves and sipped on Mimosas that flowed from a fountain. Although they also had a choice of lemonade, iced tea and sodas.

For dessert fresh chocolate and white cupcakes decorated sweet homemade buttercream rossettes.

Springboro, ohio
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