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Olivia Art Party (12 photos)


Olivia Art Party Tabletop

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My daughter LOVES Olivia the Pig and all things art related...the "Olivia Art Party" was born!

The invitation I designed set the tone: "Crayons, Pencils, Paper, Glue...Elliot Rose is Turning 2!"

For decor I made an Olivia Crayon Wreath, used red and white stripped fabric for the table cloth, had paint cans turned on their sides with shiny tissue paper coming out (to resemble spilled paint), and various stuffed Olivia's and books. 

For the dessert table, we had chocolate covered Olivia Strawberries, Olivia Cake Pops, and an Olivia Birthday cake displaying Olivia the Artisit and a custom made art easel. 

Favors: I made roll-up chalk mats with Olivia Ribbon Bracelets for the little ones and No.2 Candy Pencils for the big ones (with signs that read: "Thank you for celebrating Ellie turning No. 2!")

Activity: I made Olivia ears for the party guests to decorate and wear (they were armed with plenty of art supplies!)

We had a wonderful time! I can't believe my little girl is 2!


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Venice, FL
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