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Peas in a Pod Baby Shower (32 photos)


peas in a pod invitations

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    Can you tell me where you got the invitations and cards printed? Love all your ideas!

    • December 10, 2012 at 12:56PM
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    Just wondering where you got your invitations?

    • January 30, 2013 at 11:54AM
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I had the pleasure of styling a shower for one of my friends who is blessed with having twins, a boy and girl! We chose to go with the theme "Two Peas In A Pod" because it wasn't too masculine or girly. She neede more of a diaper shower, cause she already has 3 older kids and Lord knows you can't have enough diapers... epecially with twins. We also went with the open house style, I am not a huge fan of baby shower games, so this was great to just eat and visit with the guests.

The main color scheme for the shower was green and white, with hints of yellow and brown. I found a huge roll of lime green and white polka dot wrapping paper and a local craft store and new that it was the perfect accent color and pattern and matched part of the invites too!

For the seating tables we just took a white table clothe and then rolled our a stip of wrapping paper for the runner. The centerpieces were white picture frames with little qoutes on cordintating designs from the invitations. Also a mason jar wrapped in burlap and ribbon with white, green, and yellow flowers, and a little jat of hershey kisses that had little custom labels on the bottom. For each setting we had a green square plate, cloth napkin folded into a diaper, and small wooden utensils inside the diapers We didn't do much food since it was an open house, but we did serve a green PEA lettuce salad and rolls for a small dish.

We also had a little dessert bar. For that we hung a white sheet for the backdrop and a white table cloth on the table. We got some cute wood letters speeling "Sweet Peas" and covered them also with the wrapping paper and hung them on the backdrop, then hung green paper lanterns around the words (I thought they would resemble giant peas). For the snacks we had cupcakes with little peas in a pod cupcake toppers, chocolate donut holes, powdered sugar donut holes, white chocolate dipped oreos, and sugar cookies. We placed each plate on a box to give it some height and dimention and wrapped in the same wrapping paper. I Also put a piece of wrapping paper on each plate to make the treats pop a little bit. For the cupcake towers, I took various sizes of hat boxes and wrapped those also in the wrapping paper and just stacked them upside down ontop of each other. I thought they turned out super cute and super easy to make!

For beverages, we served lime water in a large picher that I wrapped a diaper around the base. I wanted diapers to be incorporated a bit all over since it was a diaper shower too!

We didn't have any games but we did have some diapers out that people could wirte messages on to give the parents a good chuckle later.

I wanted to make a diaper cake for a centerpiece and also to give to the mommy, but wanted to do something a little bit different. So I made a diaper pod! I just took 42 diapers and rolled them up individually and stuck a rubberband around them each. Then take 21 and make a big circle in 3 layers: 1 in the center, 7 in the middle, and 13 on the outside). Do that twice. Place the 2 circles next to each other and one large rubberband around them both. Then I placed them on a couple large sheets of tissue paper (or you could use a baby blanket) and wrapped around the sides of the circles gathering the ends on each sides of the circles. Then a tied each end up with some rafia or you could use a ribbon or whatever. For the finishing part a made two large babies that matched the invites out of cardstock and pasted them onto some little sticks and stuck them inside the diapers. I hope that this all makes sense, and when you see the picture I think you can pretty much figure it out!

And lastely for the favors, we made pea pod soaps. I have seen quite a variety of these online and some are way super cute! We went with a simpler and cheaper version that we could make ourselves. We got some 'make you own soap' kits at hobby lobby and just melted the soap, died it green, and poured them into round molds. Once they hardend we stuck 2 together on a piece of carboard and wrapped with tissue paper (or you could use a wash clothe), and tied the ends with rafia. They were super easy to make and a whole lot cheaper than oredering them online.

Well that is pretty much it for the shower! Hope that any of this helps and inspires someone! And I would love to read you thoughts or comments. Thanks so much!


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