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The School Day Printable Design Collection for Back to School (48 photos)


Anders Ruff - Printable Back to School / School Day Design Collection

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We have always wanted to share fun ideas for a classic “school time” party or playdate.
We created a printable package that would be great for everything from “back to school” organization to “teacher appreciation” and “end of school” parties as well as “school themed” birthday parties.

This was an unconventional party setup for us and made us step outside our comfort zone.
We styled this photoshoot at an 1890 One Room Schoolhouse in Huntersville, North Carolina.  It had been preserved and is used for field trips and other events.  We used the space to show a fun “school day” play date or party.  We loved the classic old “school” vibe that went along great with our new printable School Day collection.

We refurbished an old school desk (thank you Craigslist!) and embellished it with “ABC” Pennant banners and all of the props needed to relay a “school day” theme.  (Stacks of books, Globe, Pencil Cases, Apples (with party logo embellishment), Books and more).  Our location had school desks for all of the children to sit at for their lunches. 

We created fun packaged lunches for all of the kids to eat after playing.  We wrapped sandwiches in waxed paper and twine and embellished it with our printables.  Apples were stuck into cupcake wrappers that we filled with some natural shred and added a printable party flag.  We also included some cookies and pretzels in a cello bag and topped it off with a bag topper that has spaces to check off descriptive words for the foods inside (Salty, sweet, delicious, healthy, etc)  We wrapped the juice boxes with the ABC patterned papers.  We used our printable party logo as an embellishment for the striped straws.

We also displayed fresh daisies in old glass milk containers and embellished the containers with twine and our printable designs.

We had all of the mainstream games for the kids to play.  We had all the necessary supplies for a “school’ themed day - Jax, Jumprope, Paper Airplanes, Slingshots and chalkboards for the kids to color on.  Since the house is on a field, the kids could play tag together. 

We had a contest to see who could walk while balancing a stack of books on their head across the room.  The kids got a kick out of this!

We even brought Adria’s sister’s turtle for the “class pet”.  The kids loved playing with Elroy and he was the best student in the class!

The kids got to dress in custom clothes by Made by Morgan.  They loved trying on the sweet dresses. (Jeffrey was such a sport about wearing the nerd suspenders and shorts!)

They enjoyed just being kids!

We printed off our printable favor milk carton to package some animal cookies for the kids.  Also, we packaged loads of necessary school supplies with all of our printable labels and designs from our new School Day collection.  The kids got to take home an assortment of goods for the school year.


Complete Event Styling, Graphic Design and Printables - Anders Ruff Custom Designs (

Printable Package available at

Photography - Becca Bond Photography (

Packaging and Decor:
Cupcake Wrappers - Bella Cupcake Couture (
Clear Candy Packaging and Cello Bags - Nashville Wraps (
Label Material - (

Sugar Cookies - Firefly Confections (

Clothing - Made By Morgan (
Grayce’s Shoes - Monkey Toes (


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