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First Birthday Parade - Part 2 (9 photos)


Juice Box & Bubbles with Custom Labels

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After many years of designing stationery & party themes for the kids of others… I am thrilled to be able to share the very first party I was able to create for my OWN {darling} kid!

Our daughter, Macy, turned one in March – and my husband came up with the genius idea of playing on her name and the idea of the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the theme – so we switched Thanksgiving to BIRTHDAY and came up with “Macy’s First Annual Birthday Parade“. This worked out very well for me too – because I adore circus/carnival themes and anything candy-related, so a parade theme allowed me to work in those kinds of elements quite nicely!


There are lots {and LOTS!} of details and pictures to share, so I’m going to break this recap up into 2 parts… In the images above you will find pics of the Kids Table, Favor Table, Indoor Decor, Food, Cake, and Indoor Dessert Table. Part 2 will cover Outdoor Decor & Outdoor Treats Display (which is actually my favorite part!).  :)


Some of the party details:

For the it was all about keeping things casual and colorful!
I rented an aqua blue linen for our 6-ft table and added a “table runner” which was really just folded yellow & white striped fabric from IKEA.

Place settings consisted of square aqua & red paper plates topped with yellow and pink napkins (all from Party City). I designed 4 different paper napkin rings that matched the theme, wrapped one around each napkin, and slipped a colorful plastic forks underneath. (The napkin rings are customizeable and will be available for purchase in the HWTM section at Polka Dot Design on May 31st.)

At the top of each place setting sat a juice box and a bottle of bubbles. I designed labels for Mixed Berry and Fruit Punch flavors. (Scroll down for download links.) All you need to do is remove the straw from the juice box, wrap the label around the box and secure with tape or glue, then stick the straw back onto the wrapped box. We used glue dots to secure the straws to the side of each box.

6-ft tables are pretty narrow, so for the “centerpiece” of the table I just added a garland of yarn poms to the top of the table runner. We made tons of yarn poms for the party and used a 2.5? Clover Pom Maker to churn them out quick! More Yarn garlands hung overhead, in 2 directions above the kids table.

The “favor bags” actually started out empty… because the “favors” were actually sprinkled all around the party! The kids filled the bags with sweets from the treat tables (lollipops, pixie stix, animal cookies, meringue cookies & flavored popcorn), the bubbles from their place settings, and sparkly star-shaped sunglasses and fuzzy mustache stickers that were set out on our coffee table for everyone to grab for pictures! I purchased the paper bags at Michaels and designed some themed favor tags to stick on the front of them.

…Stay tuned for more details...


DOWNLOAD LINKS for Printables:

Bubble Bottle Wraps
Juice Bottle Wraps: Fruit Punch
Juice Bottle Wraps: Mixed Berry
Birthday Banners: GIRL
Birthday Banners: BOY

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