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Valentine's party (13 photos)


Valentine's dessert table

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Hands up if you love Kikki K, me too!!! So for Valentine's day what's more appropriate than a Kikki K inspired dessert table and that is exactly what I did after I fell in LOVE with their Valentine's Sweet Heart range. They had the cutest cards, wrapping paper and stickers, so based on the above items this is what I came up with.

First I wanted a backdrop and for this table I went with envelopes stuck to the wall, I saw this idea at one of Cheree Berry's shows for Kate Spade and loved it. It was also appropriate since my husband used to be at sea when we first started going out and we wrote love letters to eachother while he was at sea (still have them stashed away in a box somewhere ;-)) It was also cheap, I bought about 40 envelopes for $2 at the dollar shop AND I can re-use them afterwards.

The cake was inspired by the gorgeous heart bunting pattern on the Kikki K wrapping paper and the heart pattern found on most of their Valentine cards. It is actually a very simple cake, I used a clay extruder to create the red "string" and edible paper to create the hearts.


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