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John Deer Tractor Party (37 photos)


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After, our soon to be 4yr old, Ryan decided he definately wanted a Tractor Party I discovered this amazing web site which gave me so many great ideas.  The colors were easy since we have a John Deer and its Yellow and Green!  I started with the theme by finding every John Deer tractor I could find at TJ Max, Toys R Us etc.  Since the party stores have discontinued the John Deer theme, finding balloons etc with yellow and green tractors came from the internet.

The Candy Bar:

This was the fun part!  I found every wholesale candy store in the valley and bought a ton of green and yellow candy.  Its amazing how much you can find to decorate the party by just simplifying it to the color of the party.  Then I made the flags for the tables from green and yellow material which I hot glued to a seam strand which was thicker and held the flags in place.  I used the remaining material for table cloths.  The candy jars and dishes were from IKEA and Hobby Lobby which had a ton of yellow and green decorations.

The candy bar was the Favors as well.  Each kid had a bag to stuff with candy when they left.  They LOVED it!  My husband is a graphic artist and made little thank you tags for each bag as well as the table tents describing each candy/food etc.  Its the little details that people really notice.


The kids had Pigs in a Blanket, straw chips, pizza and fruit.  The adults had Carne Asada taco's, rice, beans and fruit.  The CAKE and Brownie Pops were made for us by Joan  at "Eat at Joes" Restaurant in Phoenix. 


I found sack's for sack races in Oriental Trader as well as a spoon/egg race game.  Then we did tractor rides which was the HIT of the party. 

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