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Airplane party (8 photos)


Airplane party dessert table

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As most of you all know I LOVE and ADORE anything to do with Kikki K, in fact my husband keeps a close eye on my credit card statements to see how many times I visit my local Kikki shop and I am blushing to say it is a lot. Well imagine my surprise and sheer delight when Kristina Karlsson, the founder and owner of Kikki K contacted me to ask if I was free to create a cake for her son Axel's 3rd birthday. So after first thinking the email was a hoax and then promptly passing out at my desk followed by some squeels of delight I went about planning for the cake, some biscuits and some pops. Kristina created the adorable invite above and said Axel loves planes, especially Qantas and since Kikki K has a kids travel - RESA range, Kristina requested that everything be plane orientated. Since I was making 4 items for the table anyway (Kristina would be styling the party and table herself) I just could not resist creating a mini airplane dessert table myself. The only rule I had was that I had to use items I already had or handmake it myself to keep costs down. This is what I came up with.



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