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Caleb's Blue and Green Decorate your own cake party! (18 photos)


The Birthday Shirt by Green Apple Boutique

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Calebs 5th Birthday was a 'Splish Splash, decorate your own cake party!'  The invitations and printables were purchased through Anders Ruff and Caleb decided he wanted everything blue and green!  It was a huge hit and lots of fun!!

For lunch we served "happy meals", we packaged chicken nuggest, bagged apples and a bag of chips in a blue or green lunch sack and then packed it in a blue or green beach pail with their name on it...On each chair was a blue or green apron with the childs name...After lunch each child was given a blue or green mini cake, and they each had 3 different containers with blue or green decorations for the cake.  We put blue and green icing in plastic bottles for the kids to use on their cakes...We had a dessert table with homemade cupcakes and a large letter C cake (a request from the birthday boy...) the tables were decorated with blue and green lollipops and cookie pops from 'cookie mama' as well as super cute pinwheels from The birthday boy wore is super cute birthday shirt with his name and age on it that I got from Green Apple boutique!!

After all the kids made a fun blue and green mess, they jumped in the pool to cool off and clean up!  Caleb had a great birthday!!



Invitations and Printables:
pinwheels -
cookies -
birthday shirt -


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