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Woodland Surprise Birthday Party (14 photos)


Drink station at Woodland birthday party

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I recently helped host a surprise birthday party for my sister in law, Heidi.  I was in charge of decor and the photo booth – two of my favorite aspects for party planning!  This party was truly a group effort – because it was a milestone birthday, Heidi was on the look out for clues that a party might be in the works.  But no one let anything slip, so she was very surprised!

We found a lovely city forest building to host the event, which worked perfectly with our woodland fairy theme.  The space came equipped with a beautiful, working stone fireplace, but we also had to work with picnic tables.  Instead of covering them in tablecloths, I purchased a large roll of brown kraft paper (from the painting section at Lowe’s!).  I can’t believe how much I got for just over $10.  This kraft paper would be great for kid’s crafts or wrapping paper, too!  To set off the centerpieces, I set out a burlap “placemat.”  Vases of curly willow were the central arrangement.  We also attached butterflies to each curly willow bouquet.  Additionally, each table had two flower bouquets – one of baby’s breath and one of purple stock and scabiosa pods.  For the flower vases, I used Mason Jars and leftover jars from my kitchen (salsa and spaghetti sauce, mostly).  Mr. Lemon thought I was crazy until he saw them all together and he loved them!  Moss balls, mini mushrooms, butterfly confetti and candles completed the table centerpieces.

On the bar, I used a green tablecloth with a centerpiece to compliment the main tables including curly willow and butterflies, candles, butterfly confetti and two vases of baby’s breath.  However, I also included a framed invitation.  Stripey straws set off the Mason Jar glasses perfectly!

The photo booth backdrop was made of dyed muslin ripped into strips (did you know that muslin rips in a straight line???  sooo helpful!) – this was a little tip I picked up over at Ms. Awesome.  Unfortunately, it got too dark to take everyone’s photos outside, so many were taken inside.  However, the chalkboard signs still worked inside!  I had planned on more of a DIY for these, but when I found mini chalkboards for $3.50 from JoAnn’s, I knew it would be hard to make them myself for much better than that (did I mention I also had a coupon to make them just over $2 each?).  I simply glued the chalkboards to paint stir sticks (free!), added a cute ribbon, and voila!  Instant hand held signage!  Interactive elements are always popular for photo booths!


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