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DIY Tutorial: Upcycled Mini Herb Garden (9 photos)


Materials needed to make your own mini herb garden

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1. Take your scrap fabric and cut it into strips that are big enough to wrap around your empty yogurt containers. Secure in place with hot glue. My scraps were not long enough to wrap all the way around the container so I layered until the entire container was covered. This added some extra texture.

2. Once you have wrapped all of your yogurt containers in fabric, embellish them by tying your scrap ribbon around the top half of the container and fasten with a simple knot. Then cut the end of the ends of the ribbon at a 45 degree angle.

3. Next place your potted herbs directly in the decorated yogurt containers.

4. Arrange all 3 planted herbs on your platter and place in your kitchen near a window. This way they will get ample sunlight but will also be in a convenient spot when you are cooking and want to add some fresh herbs.

5. Coordinate the platter, fabric & ribbon you choose with the colors and textures in your kitchen for a custom look.  You can also take this to a house warming party or even use it as gift for a hostess at a dinner party just match your selections with their tastes and colors.

Water as instructed by the labels on each herb. You can easily remove the herb from the yogurt container to empty the drainage water.

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