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Outdoor Movie Theme (18 photos)


Concession Stand

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We hosted an outdoor movie birthday for my son who was turning 11.  The party started with swimming with his friends followed by pizza and cake.  Once they were on a complete sugar high - the movie started.

Instead of a dessert table, we created a concession stand.  Each child was able to take a "french fry" container filled with minature candy that you would find at the movies.  We had large tubs of popcorn, movie themed cookies and of course licorice.

The cake was in the shape of a large film reel.  It was just gorgeous and tasted as good as it looked.

The party printables were created by Anders Ruff (with a collaboration with my mom who did the main illustration).  The cake was created by Michelle at Cakewalk Baking.  The cookies, by Allyson Jane.  The party was styled by myself.

The kids all snuggled up and watched the movie.

We had 10 kids at the party - all in 5th grade.  it was the perfect mix of craziness and relaxation.  Would highly recommend, especially for this age.

Danville, California
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