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Orange & Pink Elmo themed Toddler Bday Party (17 photos)


Elmo Cupcakes

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    Your little girl is adorable in her dress! Would you mind to share the etsy store it is from? I would love something like this for my little one! Thank you!

    • January 17, 2013 at 3:54PM
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I wanted to something fun and unique with a character themed birthday party for my 2 year old toddler daughter.  I was hesitant to do the Elmo theme, but she is SOOOO in love with Elmo I just had to do it.  (Last year we did an Elvis themed party, but mostly because I love Elvis!)

I wanted to keep it simple yet sophisticated and colorful.  I opted for an orange, pink and white color palette.  I was inspired by the "Sunny & Bright" Elmo themed party also on this blog - THANK YOU! 

I made all of the food.  The Elmo cupcakes, #2 shaped cookies, the marshmellow pops, the goldfish pb&j and pb&honey sandwiches.  I served goldfish shaped sandwiches and goldfish crackers in a real goldfish bowl, because Elmo loves his goldfish Dorothy!  The kids loved this, and the sandwiches got ate up!  We served colorful fruit, orange M&M's, cheese, crackers, salami & hummus as well.

I also made milk jars using recycled starbucks frappuccino milk drinks.  I saved the glass jars, washed them, printed elmo circles to place on the front and top and tied ribbon around the necks.  We filled them with white and chocolate milk for the kids.  I served them in an orange ice bucket with orange straws to boot!

I decorated with tissue paper poofs that I made at home and used twine to hang and hook together.  I also used balloons & streamers in the same color scheme.  I purchased facbric from Hobby Lobby to cover a large Canvas wall art I already had - and we put a birthday banner across that as well, which I made.

We had a Pin the Nose on Elmo game, purchased from our local Party City Store.  The kids were too busy running around to really want to play this game though!  We also set up a "Seasame Strikes" bowling alley in one of the long hallways of our house.  We hung white Christmas lights along the ceiling to light it up like a night bowling atmosphere.  We also had a bouncy house outdoors for the kids to run and jump in.  This seemed to be the biggest activity hit of them all!

The goodie bags for the kids each had a pinwheel, an orange Elmo lolipop that I made, and a set of seasame street domino's from the $1 section at Target.  Love that dollar section!  Love Target in general!

I ordered the Elmo "When is it my birthday" Golden Book from Amazon, and set it out as family and friends arrived to sign and give my daughter as a keepsake when she is older.  Another idea I got from "Sunny & Bright" Elmo themed party.

I ordered a custom made birthday dress from one of my friends who owns an etsy shop.  I also ordered a pair of FABULOUS ruffle leggins from "Bella Grace Creations" on Etsy.  I wanted my husband and I to wear some vintage Seasame Street shirts I found, but he wasn't really feeling that one!  So we opted to wear colors that matched the theme at least :) I also made the Elmo headband that I am wearing! 

We had such a good time preparing and celebrating for my daughter's 2nd birthday!  I hope you enjoy as much as I did!  Thank you for reading!

Jamie Hunter



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Fayetteville, Arkansas
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