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UP! Birthday for our 6-year old (8 photos)


Pre-portioned popcorn in cups, chocolate dippe marshmallows, and flavored Crush soda bottles (with bendy straws, of course) helped get the kids in the mood for the movie.

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Our UP! party doesn't even compare to the perfection of the one posted on HWTM from which I drew the inspiration, but, I'm posting pics anyway to show other non-pro-party moms that can be done!

This is the 1st party I've planned from a HWTM idea and it worked best because I planned ahead and started a couple weeks in advance.

One of the biggest hits for snacks was the chocolate covered, sprinkle dipped marshmallows...there were NONE left among 7 kids!

We had 6 DOZEN helium balloons for decor all over...the kids loved the "balloon forest".  How do you get rid of 6 dozen balloons?  At the very end of the party as kids were leaving, we all went out to the front yard with a handfull of balloons each and scissors...the adults cut the ribbons, releasing the balloons into the was almost magical watching the kids watch the balloons drift away until they were just glimmers in the sky.



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