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"Sweet " Caroline is turning 9! (27 photos)


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My daughter wanted to have a candy themed birthday party. Where we live, we had a candy shop that had a room that you could rent out for parties. Having the party inside this candy shop obviously helped with the atmosphere. We handed out real swirled lollipops with her invitation attached. Sorry that i don't have a picture of that.  I used a long banquet  table and covered it with white linens on the bottom and overlayed them with a pink linen. I created a table runner out of large candy dots that I found at Cracker Barrel. Along the runner I placed glass cylinder shaped vases filled with blue wrapped taffy and made ribbon topiaries for the center pieces. I forget where I saw the idea for a ribbon topiary but, it was somewhere on the internet when I was looking for ideas. I filled little glass candy jars with m and m's and used them as place cards. For the back of the chairs I used paper lanterns and took elastic sequin  ribbon and put it through the lanterns and put them over the chairs. I wanted to wrap the lanterns in cellophane to make them look like candy but I ran out of time. I used bunches of balloons to fill any empty space in the room. I wrapped the utensils and napkins together with candy necklaces. We got her cake from a local place we use. There was a cake for a sweet sixteen that I liked and they let me change and add things to the design to go with her theme. For food we had the typical pizza and other snacks. We also had a large chocolate fountain with a bunch of fun things to dip in it. We had bananas, strawberries, pound cake, pretzels,  graham crackers, rice krispie treats, marshmellows, oreos, nutter butters and vanilla wafers. I had a few activities and games for the guests to enjoy. Since we were at a candy shop, they got to stuff animal with candy instead of fluff.  I also had a candy bar that each girl got to go through and and fill a bag we gave them with candy. As for games we played "guess how many gumballs were in the jar" and "pin the candy in Caroline's mouth". I  took a picture of my daughter with her mouth open, blew it up and laminnated it. I made little candies with pom poms wrapped  in cellophane. I used those sticky dots that you use for scrapbooking to make them stick.  In all, the party was alot of fun and turned out great. All the guest had a great time and my daughter loved it.

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