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Jasmine's bird party (14 photos)


Birdy dessert table

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A little bird told me........... this is what inspired me to create my niece Jasmine's birthday party . I love, LOVE Tasha's work from A little sweetness, this lady truly inspires me and I loved working with her gorgeous art to create my nieces party. It was perfect for what I had in mind for a 2 year old's birthday. Tasha sells all sorts of gorgeous goodies, but beware, once you are in her shop you won't be able to leave!!

My biggest dilema was that Jasmine's birthday is only 3 short days from Christmas, I wanted a birthday theme that could be used for Christmas (I wanted to re-use a lot of the birthday elements) without Jasmine's birthday being too "Christmassy". I uhmmed and ahhhed a lot over the colour scheme, should it be green and red, no I want pink and green, it drove me to distraction. After doing some "homework" I was inspired by Amy Atlas's Wedding library dessert table I love the soft colours Amy used and the feather details on the table. I chose pale blue, red, white and natural because I already had some of the bird elements at home and I felt the colours were nice and fresh for our hot Ozzy sun.


This is my favourite food item on the table, "chicks on sticks" inspired by Bakerella's Spring Chicken pops. Some other foods were "worms" (sausages), "crows feet" (choc covered pretzels), "twigs" (bread sticks), "Magpies" (Aussie mini pies), "bird nests" (mini meringue with malteser eggs) and "Polly's crackers" (Sesame cracker biccies)

 Since the party would consist only of 6 children I didn't want a huge dessert table instead I opted for something smaller like the antique drawer unit, chair and stand combo above. It worked quite well I think, even thought I was very nervous the week before I kept thinking this is NOT going to work and nearly canned the whole idea about 3 times lol


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